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Cooking shouldn't be complicated, and learning shouldn't be intimidating! That's why I've designed a simple and engaging learning experience to elevate your favorite meals into something everyone can enjoy!

Learn Together

I have a variety of vegan classes that you can choose from. Classes can be at the center  in Manhattan or though Zoom  being able to share a great cooking experience with family and friends that are located throughout the world. Either way you will be cooking and learning how to do the dishes.

Due to Covid classes  at the center can be up can be up to 5-6 people. If the class is through Zoom it can be up to 10  logged in and unlimited amount of  of people watching .

First step: Choose  and purchase the class you like!

Choose from all the classes below what you would like to learn to cook

Pasta class

Learn how to make eggless pasta with and without a machine from scratch. There will be different types of easy to make sauces. 
We will be cooking:
  • Semolina eggless pasta
  • Spinach and carrot and beet pasta 
  • Butternut squash Ravioli
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In this class we will learn how to do 3 different flavors of Argentinean  Style empanadas.
We will be cooking:
  • Argentinean flavor empanada
  • Onions and cheese empanada
  • Corn empanada
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Join us to experience how to cook traditional Lebanese food. 
We will be cooking:
  • Lebanese stuffed grape leaves 
  • Falafel  (air fried and pan fried)
  • Tabbouleh salad
  • Tahini sauce
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We will be using different fruits, vegetables and tofu to create colorful and fun rolls. 
We will cooking:
  • Futomaki rolls (Seaweed outside)
  • Uramaki rolls (Seaweed inside)
  • Different sauces
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This will be a fun and interactive class where your will learn how to make amazing home made pizzas!
We will be cooking:
  • Dough
  • Tomato sauce
  • Different toppings
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In this class we will be learning how to make chocolate mousse, cakes and other vegan sweets that are low on calories, healthy and guilt free.
We will be cooking
  • Chocolate vegan mousse
  • Nectarine lemon pie dessert
  • Banoffee Pie
  • Banana bread
  • Blueberry Scones with Rosemary
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Learn how to make 4 different dishes with tofu.  
We will be cooking:
  • Tofu teriyaki with rice and veggies
  • Sesame tofu
  • Tofu scramble
  • Crispy air fried tofu
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I will teach easy recipes to add to the grill and also to impress other people with your dishes!! 
We will be cooking:
  • BBQ vegan Ribs with Smokey BBQ sauce
  • Quinoa and chickpea burgers
  • Cauliflower cutlets
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Spanish Tapas

Here we will be cooking potato and zucchini tortillas, a vegan style paella and much more. 
We will be cooking:
  • Tortilla Española
  • Croquettes
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Let's have fun Mexican Style! We are whipping up our favorite recipes from street-style Tacos to handmade guacamole and traditional sides to a Plant Based Version.  
We will be cooking:
  •  Tacos
  •   Quesadillas
  •  Burritos 
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Seitan or "wheat meat" is a vegan substitute for meat. Its chewy, dense texture makes it ideal for salads, sandwiches and more.

We will be cooking:

  • Nuggets
  • Seitan No oil
  • Grilled sausages
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Vegan Cheeses

Learn how to make different types of vegan cheeses made with nuts, beans and also vegetables. We will be making soft, spreadable semi hard and hard cheeses. 

We will be cooking:

  • Cheddar soft cheese 
  • Ricotta cheese
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Provolone cheese
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Second step: Choose a date 

Choose a date within a 48 hour window to prepare for the class and go over the specifications. If the class is through zoom I would suggest a 72 hours window to prepare for the class.

Classes in person at the Center


Top features

  • In person classes are for a group of 5 or 6 people
  • You will be cooking at the center under my guidance
  • You will taste all the dishes
  • All ingredients are provided
  • You can get the class with 48 hours in advance.
  • Only for people that are in NYC or willing to travel to Manhattan.
  • English and Spanish

Zoom classes


Top features

  • 10 Zoom logged in are included. No limit of people per kitchen
  • I will show how to cook each recipe and I will also be controlling your dishes while you are cooking with me.
  • You will need to get your ingredients.
  • I will provide the recipe before hand with ingredients and instructions before the class.
  • I recommend purchasing the class at least 72hs in advance.
  • Class can be taken anywhere in the world.
  • English and Spanish


Cecilia Basbus



No animal products? No problem! Cecilia is an expert in planning tasty and easy-to-make vegan meals that you will love.